Product Development

Every new One for One® starts by identifying a need.

Building a sustainable shoe industry in Haiti

Identify a need

The TOMS Giving Team has set up a taskforce to research and identify the greatest needs around the world. We study UN statistics and the Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to work by other international development experts.

Safe water improves health in Malawi

Cast a wide net

Through this research, TOMS has identified a number of high-priority needs, including: energy, food security, housing, health, education, water, financial access, environment, gender equality and well-being/empowerment.

The right to sight in Guatemala

Research the possibilities

Once we’ve decided on a need to address, we research tangible interventions that can serve as the next One for One®. Ideally, these interventions allow us to leave a big impact by playing a small part in a process.

Helping provide a safer birth experience in Haiti

Seek partners

Finally, we look to the best nonprofits and social enterprises serving that need, seeking a variety of partners with different, but valuable ways of accomplishing one great goal.


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