We've helped create jobs by establishing manufacturing and sourcing our coffee beans
in the same regions where we have an established Giving presence.

Local Production

In 2013, TOMS committed to producing one third of our Giving Shoes in the regions where we give them. Local production helps to build industry and create jobs and sustainable futures.

Since committing to local production, TOMS has:

  • Created over 700 jobs in regions where we give
  • Manufactured shoes locally in Ethiopia, India and Kenya.
  • Employed an equal ratio of male to female workers

Our coffee is sustainably sourced

  • Farmers are paid fairly

    With sustainable sourcing practices, farmers are guaranteed the best prices for their craft.

  • You buy TOMS Roasting Co.

    Your purchase enables us to support farmers and communities that need improved access to safe water.

  • A community gets safe water

    TOMS sources its coffee beans from the same regions where we give safe water to people in need.

How we source our coffee

How we source our coffee

Country: Rwanda | Region: Shyara Mountain
Coordinates: 1.7472° S, 29.4270° E

Meet Josephine, a no-nonsense mother of eight children who owns the family-operated farm where our Rwanda roast beans come from. As buyers of sustainably sourced coffee beans, it's important for us to get to know our farmers personally and learn their amazing stories. Josephine lost her husband in Rwanda's genocide, but harbored a fierce determination to make a better life for her family. As one of the few female farm owners, she's turned her operation into one of the best-performing farms in the region.


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